Panggang kembong fish and vege

I had written about this coffeeshop in Jalan Air Itam but since I like the place so much, I am going to a post here again. The place is normally very packed on weekends and I am damn frustrated because the hawkers will not even bother to take your order! So forget about going there on weekends.

However, there are several things worth eating like the tomyam which only starts selling at 8pm, the prawn omelette, fish head beehoon and the below panggang fish or grilled fish.


Nicest kembong fish. I have forgotten how much but it is but they are very fresh and certainly worth the money. Kembong fish is the cheapest fish of all and one can get it for as cheap as 50 sen per fish from the wet market but some stalls sell them for RM4 per fish.


And this is my absolute favourite. Beside grilled seafoods, they also make this devilish looking plate of beans with sambal. It is a spicy mix of chili, onion, lemon grass and other herbs. They put in a mixture of asparagus, petai, okra and four angled beans. A great combination that I haven’t tasted elsewhere. You can ask for these to be served with white rice.

Location can be found on my other food blog.

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  1. In KL/PJ V have yet to see petai mixed with other veges/beans in restaurants !
    Maybe petai is too powerful ! Or the others can’t stand it

  2. Atcherly there are a lot of petai recipes in the Malay annals of cooking. Petai is not for sambal tumis ikan biolis alone.

    Petai can be eaten shelled and YES together with the shell (if you can find the Younger ones).

    Try (Ideas to try):

    Masak Lemak Chilli Padi Pucuk “Ferns” and Petai (Slice Petai thinly).

    Masak Lemak (Use Fish Curry Powder instead of Kunyit) Chilli Padi Shrimp With Petai (Use young Petai in the Shell- scrape the shell until white and slice thinly with the petai seeds inside). For this recipe, I think the old grandmas had nothing better to do and can afford the time and energy to scrape each itty bitty petai skin. Don’t forget to put some krisek as well.

    But as my mums friend would say– eat until your eyes go up and can see only the whites.

  3. HELLO lilian…

    since u’re good at cooking wanna ask for ur recommendation of BBQ sauce…there’s so many brands in the market. Which brand would you recommend??

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