Celery and yam – match made in heaven

I bought a huge head of celery imported from Australia and hence, need to think of lots of things to do with it. Juicing, stir fry, salad and celery sticks for munching (blek, I hate that).


So, I have to think of ways to cook it. Today, I made a stir fry with yam. Yam is not to be confused with yam bean (sengkuang). This is the purplish tinged root which is very floury.


The yam is also very huge, about 700 grams. Now, I have to think of more dishes to prepare because it takes at least three meals to finish that piece of root. Yam with brown sugar and coconut milk, yam rice, yam with fatty pork….


Do you know that yam and celery go very well together? The fragrance of the celery and its crunchiness balance with the almost bland yam which is floury. So, it makes a very good dish.

To get the best taste, here are what I used to flavour this dish:


Chopped garlic, preserved bean paste (taucheo) and a bit of dried shrimp. Stir them in hot oil, add the yam and the celery. Add water to cover and let the yam simmer till it is floury and soft.

If you like, add a pinch of five spice powder for extra flavour.

I forgot to take a photo of the prepared dish because I had my dinner and only realised it. Hehehe, but it is a very good dish. Try it.

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  1. No photo of end result becos dish got burnt while taking last photo. Blek! *Bwahahahaha!*

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