Theme Tuesday – My dinner

Well, I missed last Tuesday so I am not going to miss another one. Since I am too lazy to find a theme to make Theme Tuesday (a post I make on Tuesday with a certain theme), let me just post what I just ate for dinner, ok?

You see, I don’t cook every day because my children sometimes do not fancy eating the same rice or pasta meals at home. I hate having leftovers to deal with. I like to dump all those edible food into the fridge and wait for Monday and Thursday when my housekeeper will take them to feed stray dogs. She would go around feeding stray dogs (strange huh?) and hence, these foods come in handy. But you know, some of the foods are awfully good and still edible. So, if they are still clean and untouched, I will packed them nicely and freeze for her to heat up and eat as their meals.

So, when I am not in the mood to cook, we just drive out for about 5-8 minutes and we have good foods already. Here’s my dinner tonight. You can check the photo’s exif data and it will show you that the photos are taken just an hour ago. 😛


Belacan fried chicken that my kids love. Three pieces for only RM5.90. Crispy, hot and fresh. Nice!


The tomyam beehoon that I had tried eating three times but failed. Because the hawker only starts selling at 8 pm and on weekends, the business is so good, they couldn’t even be bothered to listen to my order! Sheeesh….Three prawns with lots of fish slices for only RM6.


Catfish curry rice. I love, love, love catfish for it’s oily flesh and this Indian Muslim stall sell huge catfish. One piece of soyabean cake (taukua), one catfish and one piece of beef for only RM4.

Normally, if my husband and I eat out, we go 50-50. I.e. I eat half and he eats half. Secret to our long marriage. Hahaha. We get the best of both worlds.


And a plate of prawn omelette (heh chien). RM6. So, we spent about RM25 for a meal of fried rice (which my two younger sons shared), drinks and all the above. (foods from Kedai Kopi Min Jiang)

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  1. Wah so cheap lah. I think in Perth a bowl of noodles would normally cost around AU$8.00-9.00 each. We had 2 nasi campur for adult and 2 white rice and chicken for kiddies plus drink and it cost us $40.00.

  2. nocturnale – It is in Penang, in Air Itam area.

    shanon C – Try it, the place has many good stuffs there.

    dad of four – Actually, it is very common here.

    terence – I know lah.

    KGC – Yeah, all from Min Jiang. Nice foods there lah.

    no & maria – I also feel hungry myself.

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