Food Loft, Gurney Plaza, Penang & why advertise on food blogs?

Hey folks, do you notice Food Loft placed an advertisement on my two food blogs? Thanks to nuffnang and Food Loft, Gurney Plaza, Penang!

Grab the offer of a free drink. You just need to print the voucher to claim it. If you look at my older posts, I have been to Food Loft a few times. It is a nice place to hang out. Classy, upmarket, trendy and unique. I love Food Loft ambience. Food wise, you can pick and choose what to eat, pretty much like a buffet. Prices are reasonable, choice varied.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just like to give all the local advertisers some buzz so that they get their value for money advertising on blogs. In the long run, it benefits us bloggers because we have returning advertisers placing their ads on our blogs. Means more $$ for us bloggers, rite?

Food Loft is an outlet for Muslims too. So, you can bring your clients there for entertaintment and dining tanpa was-was.

So, if you own an eating outlet, why not advertise with us bloggers through nuffnang? There are many benefits to advertise on blogs because our blogs are updated very often, so it is very ‘fresh’ on the search results. You see, sites that are updated often tend to appear on the front and top pages on the search results. Moreover, many food blogs have good traffic. This site alone get over 1K unique hits per day so that makes our blogs more influential and ‘hot’ when people search for good foods.

Plus, what you advertised stays on permanently on our blogs, compared to printed copies that get chucked away easily. So, think of blog advertising as your best promotion and marketing option.

5 Replies to “Food Loft, Gurney Plaza, Penang & why advertise on food blogs?”

  1. i live abroad and would like to start something like this blog…ALL about food but one main obstacles for me is to look for proper ingredients to complete my cooking…any idea if there is any website or dealer shop that is interested in venturing into wholesale (kedai runcit) for malaysian ingredient abroad??
    btw, all your food here makes my pregnancy cravings feel worst… 🙁

  2. Yes! Yes! Food Loft is also my advertiser! At least they are IT-savvy as to get to the net surfer crowd to create and impression and get their business. Next time I get to Penang, I would definitely try to visit them to check out their food since they’ve been so kind as to advertise on my blog.

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