Theme Tuesday – Seasonal Fruits

I know, it is Wednesday already! As usual, I missed Tuesday again. 😛

It is May and usually, around this time of the year, we will be seeing a lot of seasonal fruits that are available once a year. This is also the time when most people fall sick. They blame it on the ‘heatiness’ of durians and rambutans. I said it is the viruses (or bacterias) found in these fruits. Or worse, whatever chemicals or hidden stuffs in these fruits. But since they are only available once a year, I do eat them like no tomorrow. It is worth falling sick over them, don’t you think so? Hehehe.


Rambutan or ang mor tan is my second favourite. Ang mor = red hair, tan is well….I don’t know. LOL.


This freaky looking thing is the chempedak. Chempedak tastes like errm…there is no words to describe it. Maybe like a very fibrous custard pudding with the most foul or sweet (depending on your nostrils) smell. It is best when deep fried with batter.


This is the mangosteen. I do not really fancy mangosteen because it is sourish. But if my hubby peeled it nicely like the above, without me getting my fingers dirty, then I like!


And of course, my most favourite fruit – Durians. It rhymes with my name too. Lilian. Plus, I like to see my character as one. Thorny on the outside but if you know how to manourve and dig deep enough, you find the nicest, most rewarding fruit (person). Hehehe. I used to have a banner using durians. My earliest blog was called ‘a Liulian’s Lifestyle’.

Now I am off to hunt for durians. I can eat it everyday, from breakfast to dinner and supper too.

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6 thoughts on “Theme Tuesday – Seasonal Fruits


    (May 24, 2007 - 1:27 am)

    oooo nice shot of the rambutan! The flesh is so thick. Where did u get it? Anywayz, I dun like to bite it of like that. I tend to cut the flesh off the seed using knife before I devour it. lolz…

    ~Bee Nee~

    (May 24, 2007 - 6:05 am)

    I miss Malaysian fruits, though there are plenty of other fruits in the UK. *dreams of fried chempedak*


    (May 24, 2007 - 8:40 am)

    Hi, MummyInVain here. I love durians very much like you wor…but dare not eat lot as it’s quite heaty to me. My father used to call me ‘liulian’ too when I was in schooling time. As my name, ‘Chew Lee Lian’, then it comes to, “chowlaulin” in cantonese…..sooo embarrassing ar…. 🙂


    (May 24, 2007 - 2:47 pm)

    Jacelyn – LOL, my bro called me liulian chang (my surnam chan). Durian tree.

    BeeNee – There is nothing like chempedak. I think it is the next smelliest fruits after durian.

    Jian – That one is last year pic lah. But when it is in abundant, you can find it anywhere in Penang.


    (May 24, 2007 - 4:38 pm)

    This is sooooo wuching!


    (May 28, 2007 - 9:45 pm)

    Very nic pics! times like this is just a torture for me in Melbourne as it is the fruits season back home!! miss all the fruits u mentioned above, esp DURIAN =(
    but thanks for the post =)

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