Chili’s Gurney Drive, Penang

Chili’s is now opened in Penang. It is on the ground floor of G (hotel in Gurney Drive) and just right across the cafes in Gurney Plaza. I had been to Chili’s in KL and my children love these kinds of foods, especially TGIF. So when we have a branch here in Penang, I decided to check it out myself.

The restaurant is spacious, bright and service is good. But then, it is just days old and I am sure the trained staffs are from their KL outlets. I went to Chili’s with only my four years old and it is rather hard for me to find a meal that I can finish. Normally, we order a meal that can feed two persons because the portion is huge.


After thumbing through the menu several times, I settled for a grilled lamb shoulder. It is possibly the smallest. I love lamb and mashed potatoes. My brunch consist of two pieces of lamb shoulders that are barely cooked (I hope I don’t get tummy ache later), a huge blob of mashed potatoes with skin and generous serving of sour cream, some vege and a slice of garlic bread.

The nice thing about Chili’s and TGIF is their ‘Kids eat free’ offer. With the lamb dish I ordered, my kid get his free meal plus free drink.


He wanted fried chicken and got his three pieces of drummet (the part above the chicken’s wing) and fries.

I wanted an alcoholic drink (for brunch!) but unfortunately, Chili’s hasn’t got the licence to serve alchohol yet. They say maybe another month. So folks, if you are going to Chili’s for their drinks, you gotta wait.

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  1. The law didn’t say you can’t bring alcoholic drink right 😉
    But some kayu restaurant waiter and manager might be to snubbed to allow you to bring the drink in. I recall some restaurant overseas let the customer to bring the alcoholic drink to avoid hassles of the application.

  2. Hi Chan,

    great write up for Chili’s, i forgot where I saw Chili’s food photo at somewhere else with big burger and i got attracted by it. I just cant wait to go try out their food, it looks really nice. and nice food pict and blog =).


  3. oh…good stuff going on there….price like TGI anot? Cuz in TGI a plate of JD lambchop and 1 alcohol beverage is RM70 sumthing…nearing RM80 ady : P haha ur kid mmg bahagia lar…he likes to go those outlets and get to eat for free!

  4. i have experienced some * yucky * experience in chillis in kl…
    i saw rat coming out from thier kitchen.. than got some black black stuff on my food.. i is odd.. friend told me it was *lipas* shit.. i complain .. got FOC.. but wat and experience

  5. recently just went to KL.tried the chilis in KLCC, it was nice.had the lamb too! going to try out penang’s one soon..haha

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