Giant bailing mushroom


Bailing mushroom is available in cans. Sometimes, you may also find the fresh ones in the market but this is rare. I like to store a can or two of Rex brand bailing mushroom because they are good to add to soups as it is very chewy and is almost like meats. It adds bulk to soups when I do not have much ingredients to offer.

You can see how big, big is. It is as big as my palm.


It has no distinctive flavour and taste milder than canned button mushrooms. But when sliced, it goes well with stir fries, soups and stews. The nicest dish to add to is the pig’s maw pepper soup. So, it always remain handy in the larder.

**The lingzhi was horribly bitter and the whole pot of soup has literally gone to the dogs. I can’t stomach it because of the bitterness. Another experiment gone awry in my kitchen.**

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  1. Hahahaahahah. Lesson learned on Lingzi? Too late to warn you. Usually, a few thin (e.g. 5x5cm, 3 to 4 ) slices of lingzi will do. To learn the proportion, you can check those prepacking Chinese herbal soup package about Lingzi soup. Or go Chinese herbal shop ask them prepare lingzi soup ingredient for you. (And watch out your toodle not to play with those blade)

  2. I love bailing mushroom. Some called it ‘fake abalone’. Not sure y. It taste good when you just cook it with some garlic n oil then later, add some oyster sauce or superior stock. You can also boil some broccoli to served.

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