Theme Tuesday : Pasta

For once, I am going to do a Theme Tuesday on a Tuesday. This week’s theme is pasta. I have plenty of photos to share. From my own kitchen to restaurants.


A plate of my homecooked pasta with prawns and fennel.


This is spaghetti with roasted beef and pesto sauce which I think is from Bakerzin.


Another dish from Bakerzin, spaghetti with seafoods. You can barely see the pasta with all those mussles and prawns on top.


Lasagna from Secret Recipe.

Actually I must have a hundred photos of pasta so I shall not load it over here. Just hop over to my Flickr album and take a look. And for all the pasta lovers, you will die in heaven looking at the photos from the Pasta, pasta, pasta group in Flickr. If you need pasta recipes, just take a look at the side bar for the category. However, I probably did not include some of the posts (due to oversight) so just use the search box and key in some keywords.

Pasta is really easy to prepare once you know how. I normally makes mine elegant by adding a touch of brandy to it. The brandy will bring out the taste in the white sauce. For shortcuts, I use those bottled pasta sauce (from Italy) and add fresh mince, beef to make it as bolognese pasta sauce.

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