Terubong seafood

try the ikan bakar at paya terubong. They have the evilness in their sauce. Spciy, hot! Besides, the rstaurant also offer their home made fish balls in herbal soup (claypot). Oh nice fragrance! Their fried taofu also not bad.

There are 2 restaurants which is near to each other. You must clever enough to pick the best one – which is bsides the tyre shop. (teddybear aka labbit)

I don’t know why it took me more than one year plus before I got to this recommended seafood place. Paya Terubong is this winding road from Air Itam to Balik Pulau. At night it is rather isolated and dark. Maybe that’s why I never bother to make a trip there. However, one of my son has a youth camp in Balik Pulau and we had been shuttling up and down for the last three nights and notice how bright Terubong seafood is and how packed it is during dinner time.

So, we roped in my eldest son to come along because it is very hard to order foods for two. That means, three adults (and one kid whom slept through dinner).


This has got to be the most expensive fishball soup (RM15) but it is also the most delicious. It is actually fish paste cooked in this delicious herbal and wine soup. They use hawthorn berries and yok chok (a kind of Chinese bark) and lots of Chinese rice wine which I think is Shao Xing/Shao Xiang/Shao HSing Hua Tiao Chiew. We drank all of the soup till the claypot is dried. Hahaha. That nice.


This may looks kinda sad fish but it is very delicious too. Steamed catfish with their special sweet, spicy and sour sauce. RM17

We also ordered deep fried mantis prawns but I didn’t take a photo of that. Apparently, the mantis prawns are their speciality too because almost every table ordered one. We tapau an extra portion home for the sleeping kid as well.

I think they are very popular with grilled seafoods and vegetables but since we were in a rush, we didn’t order it. The other popular dish I saw every table had was the kum heong crabs. We will definitely return for those on another day.

Oh ya, they don’t serve pork and no chicken dishes too. Only seafood, seafood and more seafood.


We had this four-angle beans stir fried with sambal. Also good because the sambal tastes just nice, not too strong flavour, mild yet tasty.

Location? Hehehe, I don’t know. I didn’t get the address but if you google for Terubong Seafood, you will find the address. Note that there are two seafoods stall and they are just a few blocks away. I went to the one with Terubong only, near the road junction. The other one is Paya Terubong. I hope I have gone to the right one because the fire from this Terubong is very bright and hot. Service is rather slow, portion small, prices not exactly cheap but the foods are good, so no complaints.

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  1. Ive been to that restaurant once.Luckly,I was early so I didnt have to wait long.Well,the food was super delicious..yummy yummy but be prepared to pay for the price..hahaha

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