Durian names


A lot of people knows durian by their numbers whilst people in Penang often refers to them with cute names. So, D2, D24 and such aren’t that hot here. Here are some of the names that are often used in durian stalls:

Hor Lor – Durian shaped like the gourd. Whitish yellow, very smooth flesh

Ang Hair (red prawn) – One of the more expensive durians. As the name implies, the flesh is very orangey and the seeds are usually very tiny.

Siau Hoong (small red) – Another reddish flesh variety

Cheh phoai (green skin) – I like this because it is whitish but very bitter and creamy flesh

Khun Poh – A cheaper but very consistent variety.

604 – Very small, sharp thorns, thin shells and whitish yellow. Make sure that you are paying for the right variety, i.e. the durians from the older trees and not some new ones because the younger trees produce less tasty fruits


Other lesser known but still tasty fruits have names like :

Bak Ew – meaning lardy

Heah Kang (centipede/lipan)

The good ones are those that tastes like it has some alchoholic taste, numb your tongue and makes you sneeze. Some of these are nameless durians and yet, very much sought after.

My husband has his way of choosing durians which can only be explained on video. LOL. First he will shake the fruit to see if the seeds inside makes some noise. Then, he will use his fingernails (the side of the fingers with nails) to run through the thorns like guitar string to hear the sound effect. After that, he will smell the fruit. Frankly, I doubt he can know from those steps if the fruit is good but my old man MUST do this ritual all the time. *roll eyes* Apart from that, he will look at the stem to see if the fruit is still fresh. And take note that good durians have very attractive skin tones and shapes.

Normally, during each durian season, we will stick to only one or two reliable stalls and get our supply from them. Currently, we are patronising the one in Jalan Jelutong. Each trip, we probably spent RM40-RM50 and I think we ate about RM1K of durians each year. LOL. This is considered a conservative figure because not all my children like durians and only one or two join us in feasting on this king of fruits.

If you have more tips and recommendations on choosing durians, please do share!

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  1. Wow, make me mouth watering. I pass by the durian stall near my house many times, and wish to get some to eat,but I dont know to choose o.. ei, RM1K is really a lot for only durian.

  2. i think shaking it is to test whether the durians are fresh o not cz if they already ripe for 2 or 3 days, the durians will bcome watery and they sort of cannot be shaken, im not too sure of this as i dun really know how to hear * only know how to eat =D * but tts been told by the durian farmers. n to smell and check the skins n the stems, i guess just like any other types of fruits, is to c the freshness. n ooo..there is another famous type of durian called “kunyit”, not sure u heard of it. like its name, its v yellowish n super tasty! v ex as well… =)


  3. Speaking of durians, I can eat ONLY durians for 2 consecutive days! Undoubtedly, the King of Fruits, and psst me the :Durian King.
    Have u RojakAd.com today?

  4. Cindy – I was trying out new template because this old one is not compatible with an upgrade. But I can’t seem to find something I like. Hehehe, I can change template with one click so I tend to go crazy with that.

    TJ – Oh wow, that’s a lot of durians. BTW, nice idea of yr RojakAd.

    IronEaters – Yeah, that’s the idea. But I wonder if they can really *hear* anything. Hehehe.

    whojen – Better hurry before the season is over.

    maria – That’s because we eat durian almost every single day. Plus rambutans and manggis

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  6. There’s a stall in Kl Chinatown selling super delicious durian puff.I cant remember the name of the stall.Its a corner shop (paint in read colour)which is opposite Popular BookShop.Best eat them when they are cold.

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