Mommy, why you no cook Jamie Oliver?

That’s what my little toddler asked. “Mommy, why you no cook Jamie Oliver?”

He found my Jamie Oliver’s books lying around and noticed that he doesn’t get to help me take the eggs out of the fridge, bring the sugar and stuffs. Normally, if I am baking or preparing something that doesn’t need hot oil or fire, he will get to help.


So, we cooked some spaghetti with cream sauce and it is considered Jamie Oliver’s moments already. I grated some cheddar cheese on it as I ran out of parmesan. It is one dish that I do not fancy because of the cream and butter. However, my kids love it and said my version is a lot better than most restaurants. In fact, my kids just had spaghetti carbonara last Sunday and now, craving for the same thing again.

You can find some pasta recipes in my category and also the recipe here.

7 Replies to “Mommy, why you no cook Jamie Oliver?”

  1. rub 1 pip crushed garlic around your mixing bowl. break 1 egg yolk into the bowl. put your sphaggheti hot-hot right from the pot. top it with sour cream and chopped parsley. salt and pepper. yums

  2. Can I be your daughter eh?
    I also like the type of spaghetti you cooked for your kids. Problem is I’m too old to be your daughter plus too fat. 🙁

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