Dried mangoes

It is not easy to find good Philippines dried mangoes here because they are either too dried and filled with sugar or they taste fake. However, I find that the brand from Sunsweet is not bad. It is the same as the Sunsweet prunes packaging. One packet costs around RM-RM9.


It is sweet, as expected but not cloying sweet. The pieces still retain some sourish taste and it is very much ‘mango-ish’ still. I had checked the calories content and if I remember correctly, it is not that fattening.

So, I usually keep a packet and munch on a few pieces when I am too bored with normal foods. It is a good snack and gives me sugar high and keep me happy and blogging all night long. Hehehe.

Actually, I cannot tolerate much mangoes and will make a run for the toilet if I eat the fresh ones too much. So, I get my fix from these dried version instead. They provide suggestions to prepare it in muffins, salads and even for juices. (i.e. if you can’t find fresh mangoes in your countries)

Anyone knows a good brand of dried mango available locally?

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  1. Ooooohhh.. I so love dried mango. I have tried all sorts of brands and I think the BEST would be 7D (mentioned by babe_kl) and Sunsweet. I can eat one whole packet in one sitting! NYUM! 🙂

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