Yam rice – recipe step-by-step

I have the recipe for yam rice on Food Haven but it was written more than a year ago. So, let’s make a new post for yam rice.

I am lazy to retype the recipe, so do go over to my other food blog for the yam rice recipe.

First you cut the yam into tiny pieces. Cut some chicken meat into about the same sizes, i.e. little cubes. Then, season it with a bit of five spice powder and dark soya sauce. I had left mine in big pieces because my kids hate the floury yam. Hence, it is easier for me to pick out those yam pieces when it is cooked. *roll eyes*

(seen above are the garlic and shrimps)

For yam rice, the essential item is the dried shrimps. You can see the dried shrimps I use on my recipe at the other side. Chopped some garlic. And soak a few pieces of dried Chinese mushroom. (optional)


Heat a little oil, fry the garlic till fragrant then add in the yam pieces, chicken cubes and dried shrimps and mushrooms. Flavour these with some soya sauce and pepper.

Wash 2 cups of rice and strain. Put it into the wok and stir for a while to get them coated with the soya sauce. If you prefer a darker rice, add more dark soya sauce.


I cooked my yam rice in the electric rice cooker and I added some celery sticks to make it smells even nicer. Add twice the amount of water. E.g. if you need to use two cups of water to cook two cups of rice, make sure you use DOUBLE, i.e. four cups or up to level #4 indicated on your pot. This will ensure that your rice and yam are cooked properly.


It takes just a while for the yam rice to cook, i.e. the regular time. One word of caution, when cooking, avoid opening and stirring the pot because it will ‘confuse’ your rice cooker and cause it to go on ‘keep warm’ status. If your rice is not cooked properly after the ‘cook’ button has popped to ‘keep warm’, add some boiling water and leave them to stand for a few more minutes. You can never get the button to go back to cooking mode. Hehehe, learning from trials and errors.


If you want your yam rice to taste even better, use pork belly. I.e. that three layers pork with fats and meat. Give the whole slice a quick boil so that it is easier to cut. Slice them thinly to ensure it is cooked thoroughly in the yam rice.

Serve the yam rice with some vegetable soup and garnish red, cut chillies in soya sauce. Nice!

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  1. I thought your yam rice like those selling outside… with ‘sparepart soup’…..

    Still find yours interesting and informative. Thks ma’am.

  2. Yam rice is my favourite. I love it alot to go with Bak Kut Teh. I like the one they sell at Carnation Coffee Shop along Gurney Drive

  3. Hi Lilian, i would suggest u to steam the yam rice rather than cook in rice cooker, i used to cook flavoured rice dish in rice cooker but i always get very sticky rice texture and the inner pot of rice cooker also tends to get ‘de-coted’ easily…try my suggestion and let me know how’s the outcome, ok?

  4. OMG… It’s soooooooooo delicious! Geezz , my tummy is growling badly…:’-( Wished I could be one of your children..:-D

    I hope you will do video soon and posted here or in youtube.com. I bet that would be tremendous help to your WWW fans!

    Can we use pressure-cooker to cook the yam? How long that will be then?

    Hi Erina, may I know if the BKT @ Carnation Coffee shop operates in Morning or at Night? Cos my family don’t like the karaoke jamming session there at night.

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