Too big head

LOL, some people are just too easily annoyed. I was merely joking that my Penang kuehs tend to be much more beautiful in colours and people are pissed. So yeah, be pissed. I can’t help it for being so true to my opinions. Blek.

So let’s get on with this fish which is too big for the pot. I bought this giant size cencaru fish from Tesco the other day. I have never seen a huge one like that before and thought it is cute to buy it. After I got home, I realised that I cannot fit it into the pot. Moreover, it smells a bit fishy and I didn’t want to make my regular asam soup with it.



So, I chopped it into two and it fits in nicely…


Since it is not as fresh, I decided to make tomyam with it. I dumped in lots of tomyam paste, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and all the regular tomyam stuffs. Surprisingly, the fish turned out very nice and sweet with the tomyam. However, due to the size, I had leftovers for days with it.


Lesson – Never buy a fish too big for your pot.

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7 thoughts on “Too big head


    (June 8, 2007 - 5:26 pm)

    Honestly, I never saw a big Cencaru before. 🙂

    I think it is worthwhile. If you can’t finish it, you still can cook beehoon with it mah. Cencaru always taste better than ikan kembung.

    Cindy Chin

    (June 8, 2007 - 6:38 pm)

    Tomyam fish? Never tried….. Hmmmm… should try once….


    (June 9, 2007 - 10:36 am)

    No problem , you can always give us a small tinkle & v will rush over for sure , then there will not be enough for the others

    The Expedited Writer

    (June 9, 2007 - 12:06 pm)

    That’s a very good advise..*nods*

    Btw, that tomyam looks great, i like the colors muchly.

    Agnes Tan

    (June 9, 2007 - 3:00 pm)

    Greedy goat greedy goat
    Where have you been?

    I went to pasar to buy a giant Cencaru

    Greedy goat greedy goat
    Are we invited to the feast?

    shoi shoi

    (June 11, 2007 - 7:38 pm)

    this post sounds a bit fishy, lol!


    (June 16, 2007 - 4:19 am)

    is Cencaru a fatty fish compared to Kembung?

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