Autocity, Prai – Plenty of eating places

We were on our way back from KL and as usual, we need a place to eat. We had passed Ipoh and didn’t stop there as it was raining and my kids were sleeping. Highway stops didn’t sound appealing as we always ended up nothing to eat as my children cannot take spicy foods.


So, we head over to Autocity. The place was bustling at night. Since it was Father’s Day, almost all the Chinese, Japanese and Korean restaurants were full. We picked this restaurant that looks ‘English’ call Roxy (or something like that).

Ambience is good. Cutleries are beautiful. I am a sucker for nice plates. 🙂 Service was fast but I do wish the waiters are better in their Ingrand. I asked if the place serves cocktail and he insisted no. *roll eyes* Why are there so many bottles of liquor on the wall then? And the DJ made announcements that ladies get free cocktails on ladies nite.


Anyway, the place must serve halal foods because I see a lot of Muslims dining there and the waiters and waitresses are mostly Malays. They do serve wine, beer and alcohol though.


Prices are very reasonable. So, don’t expect any out of this world, super tasty foods. All are ok-ok, so-so only. They have a clown to entertian the kids on weekends so my kids did enjoy themselves.

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  1. This food in that place are so so… worst is they only speak the national language. They don’t even understand a simple one. You can roll your eyes when you questioned something and they answered the others….

  2. sheryl – That one is NZ green lip mussels with salsa and cheese. I think not that hard to do lah but I don’t know where to buy really fresh green lip mussels. Sked kena lausai. LOL.

    cindy – yeah, even after I translated, still said tadak. Yet they got a bar.

    Tad – The food is so so but the place is nice lah.

  3. Lilian ,the restaurant name is Roxbury or Roxy ?

    You know what … The origin restaurant (HQ) is residing near Sunway Prai Hotel. Knn, last time when i worked with angmoh company , i brought my customer (another angmoh) went there for dinner. Why we went there ? because my angmoh customer said to me that he know the boss of restaurant. May be can get discount.

    MotherF , the boss sat with us whole nite and kept ordering a lot of dishes which i told him that we can’t finish liau. He said never mind because all are signature food, so kenan kasi muka and try wor…and then hor he kept ordering some more beer lah , oh kau lah and wine for us until we want to vomit liau. The best part was he told us that all are “on house” bill.. So , i thought that it is free mah ….

    Then hor , another group coming in and cheers with us which i think that they are the restaurant boss’s fren or colleagues lah.. So , the waiters are so happy to pour us drinks.. Everyone is so happy.

    and then the bills come liau… Nabei , he passed me RM1.5k bill !! So , i ask him back why so expensive for 3 persons food and drinks .. He pretend dunno and talking to my customer.. Wah lau , i si pek TL and sign the bill. Before sign , i asked him why he mentioned all are on the house but then charge me ? He told me that the ” sky juice (plain water) is free only (on te house) and the rest of it have to charge.

    Knn, for a moment i felt like i juz went into “black shop” !! if not my customer was sitting with me at that time , i think that i will throw him chair liau…

    luckily, my angmoh boss didn’t F me when i submitted the bill for claim …I explained to him that i kena ” raped” buta buta one !! He is some more makes jokes back with me whether the boss wear condom or not ?

  4. Lawrence – Yaya, Roxbury. LOL, like that oso can? Nice set up but too bad they never hire proper wait staffs. All wear koyak koyak t-shirts type and langsung tak tau Yingrish. Translate liao, also tak paham. Kek si talking to them.

  5. no wonder foreigners( & locals alike ) are lost here in Gluttonland. Halal or not ( omg )
    Still wondering how on earth auto city serves such good looking food with fantastic names to boot , but sorry as usual Ingrand plobrem

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