Telok Tempoyak – Ikan Bakar (part two)

You can smell the lovely seafoods being grilled on open charcoal fire when you reach the Telok Tempoyak seafood place. There are crabs, prawns and fishes wrapped in banana leaves being grilled.


This pakcik is grilling fishes. We ordered a fish which was sliced open, place on banana leaves, slathered with their chili with lemongrass paste, covered with banana leaves and grilled to perfection.


You can easily scoop out the fish flesh and enjoy. The fish skin and its scales were burned blacked but the flesh attaches easily from the fish skin and is still juicy and sweet. This is the first time I ate ikan bakar without getting my mouth dirty with burnt pieces. Our fish only costs RM17 and is a big portion.


They are very generous with the sauces. What we got are
1) air asam which is tamarind juice mixed wth onions, chillies
2) dark soya sauce with calamansi juice and chillies
3) chillie sauce
4) ikan bilis kuah


The prawns that were grilled which taste really good because the prawns are fresh and sweet. Only RM9 for 6 white, large prawns.


This is the nasi lemak that makes the whole meal really, really delicious because the various gravies and sauces plus the fish and prawns make it the perfect match.

I was there with only my younger children and hence, we cannot order much. There are still many things and we hope to go back soon to sample more.

I had been to Telok Tempoyak only twice, the last time was like 6-7 years ago.

Oh yes, while you are there, do turn into one Chinese temple which is built with beer and Chinese wine bottles. It is rather unique. It was already late evening and I couldn’t take any photos as the temple is closed. Just watch out for a Chinese red signboard (I can’t read what it says) with a Carlsberg sign.

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  1. The ikan bakar and prawns look so good! Must definitely make an effort to visit this place when I am back in Penang.

  2. clare – When there is a chance, we go makan lah.

    precious pea – Yeah, the prawns are just out from the sea.

    harbx – Do try it. They ahve nice masakan Melayu/Thai but we did manage to try yet.

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