Telok Tempoyak – Malay seafood place, Penang – part one

Telok Tempoyak is in Batu Maung and is rather secluded. So, if you are not from Penang, please find someone familiar to bring you there. If you are from Penang, you will be able to explore to Batu Maung and ask for the little uphill road to Telok Tempoyak.


It is a cove with lots of fishing boats. The place has been slightly developed and is promoted as a Malay seafood place place or usually call Ikan Bakar corner. I am not fan of ikan bakar or grilled fish until today. So, this will be a rather long post and I am going to break it into two parts.


All these photos were taken with my Nikon DSLR D40 with its kit lens. This is the first time I am using the kit lens and I highly recommend the D40 or D40X. It is really a great camera. The D40 is only RM1,998 and the D40X is slightly more expensive by RM450. You can read about these two cameras on my Digital Photo blog.


Telok Tempoyak seafood place is right smack in a Malay kampung with quaint kampong houses and a lot of colourful fishing boats. They have many stalls around. We ordered the mee udang and must say the price if not as expensive as in Telok Kumbar.


The satay is not bad as well. 20 sticks of satay, one plate of mee udang and one plate of mee tomato costs us RM18 only.

I will post part two which consists of the ikan bakar and nasi lemak. Those are delicious.

Note : Close on Monday and only available for dinner.

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  1. Wow, ikan panggang is my favourite all time food.

    Looking forward to part 2 – have heard of this place but just haven’t been there. 🙂

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