Tummy Treats and char koay teow rant

I am having a cold so got no mood to write any post. Yet, I am holed up in bed with my laptop to occupy me. Since I can only nap for so long, why not hop around the read blogs.

Tummytreats has managed to stir my dead tastebuds a bit with her posts. Lingzhie’s blog is call Eat. Live. Be Merry.

I only had porridge so Lingzhie’s posts manage to make my stomach rumbling. First, I am going to head to Starbucks and get red bean everything. Read her Adzuki Mania. I love, love, love red beans done in every style. Urggh…I want some now.

Well, my flu is partly caused by my long exposure to the hot sun on Saturday and Sunday. The whole of Saturday I spent at Bukit Merah Orang Utan island. On Sunday, I stood there in the hot sun from 8.30am to 12 noon, packing char koay teow. Eventhough there is a tent, the sun was shining from the sideway and hit on me. Now, I know that I am not cut out for the outdoor live. And certainly, not meant to stand next to the fire of the char koay teow hawker. She happened to be my neighbour and brought some laksa for me today. I told her that half of a day of being a char koay teow assistant has caused me sore throat, cough, flu and runny nose. It is partly caused by the haze too.

Now, talking about char koay teow, we have been hunting for this stall for a while. We tried to go a few times but couldn’t find it. Lucky Lingzhie blogged about it. I am so gonna try the RM9 CKT. I know I sweared off CKT since I got this flu but I cannot resist checking out what a RM9 CKT tastes like. It is freaking expensive, ok? Normal ones with big prawns only cost at most RM5. The moment I gained back my taste buds, I am going to find Ah Leng char koay teow.

Meantime, I eat asam laksa, tomyam and Maggi asam laksa every day. Because that’s the only thing I can taste.

*ok, rant ends* I hardly fall sick so give me a little break to rant and whine, ok?

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  1. whoah….RM9??? mahalnye…. May I suggest that Fettes Park also has a realllly good char koay teow? Its located at the same coffee shop as the Fettes Park Western Food. and its oni RM3 / RM3.50…3 huge crunchy prawns and egg is separated from the char koay teow (usually it either makes ckt one lump or fry ady the egg is invisible : P ) with RM9 u can have the whole plate covered with those huge huge prawns lar : P

  2. Hi,

    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Hope this comment reaches you in better health 🙂 Anyway, just my humble opinion everyone is entitled to rant and rave once in a while to get stuff off their chest and feel better. Your rant is totally harmless so I say rant some more if you will make you recover faster 🙂

  3. So Lillian, I take it, the choir sponsored a char koay teow stall? Julie called me to help out but I was away at Genting :p Anyway, hope you get well soon ya.

  4. I am not a Penantite but I can say most hawkerstall Char Koey Teow in Penang serve the best CKT compare to other states. Hope you get well soon to enjoy yr CKT.

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