Smoothie – Perfect food for all times

*this post is brought to you by Emerald City Smoothie through sponsoredreviews*

I can’t believe that I have been sick for five days! Just when I thought I had recovered, I started coughing very badly last night and woke up with another bout sore throat! I guess this is a result of not being sick for long time and hence, my immune system and its army are weaker in their defence. 🙂

You know what is great for days when you have no appetite and when you have to deal with sore throats? Smoothie! Just gulp some which are packed with all the required nutrients and I can last for a while with it. Unfortunately, I am not good with making my own smoothie because I can never get the right consistency and I really do not fancy those fattening milk and creams that go into the commercial ones. Moreover, I cannot tolerate milk and will get severe tummy cramps due to lactose intolerance.

However, I was alerted to this site Emeral City Smoothie which says their smoothies are :

… perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or an afternoon refresher. Made with the freshest fruit, pure juice, and the highest quality supplements; Emerald City’s Smoothies are naturally high in vitamins and minerals. All of our smoothies can be made dairy free by substituting soy or whey.

They do have wide varieties, ranging from sugar free to low sugar and there are also those for people who intend to lose weight and take them a neal supplements. If the smoothie is as good as they describe, then, I certainly want to down a few glasses because I have no energy left to prepare any elaborate meals and have no mood to go out and eat.

Let’s see what they have in the smoothie – Treat My Body range of smoothie that is suppose to boost the immune system ! Now, that’s a perfect drink, isn’t it? Too bad the Emerald City Smoothie chain is not anywhere around my place or else I would love to have a Grape Escape right now. Anyone intrested to start a stall here? Smoothie Franchises opportunity available.

If you are looking for a significant franchise opportunity with a low cost of entry and a high upside potential, you may be a great candidate to be an Emerald City Smoothie franchise owner. One of the most important things that set Emerald City Smoothie apart from the crowd is its unique brand promise. Emerald City Smoothie delivers healthy smoothies with unbeatable taste. When you’re getting started, this unique concept contributes to a shorter time to break even. Even better, over the long run, it means that you own a defensible brand that is very difficult to copy.

After reading through some of the products description, I really wish for an Emerald City Smoothie. Fresh fruits, loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals, blended to perfection. Slurrpppp…. Go on, take a look at the links provided and hope you have tried an Emerald City Smoothie before!