Sakae Sushi vs. Sushi King

I saw this green outlet with cute little frogs at Queensbay Mall recently. Two nights ago, we passed by and saw a queue outside Sakae Sushi. Being curious, I bugged my hubby to queue along eventhough he hates waiting for foods like that.

I shall blog about Sakae Sushin in another post. However, it so happens that I have these two photos in my album and wish to show the difference between Sakae Sushi and Sushi King’s sashimi.


This plate of Classic Sashimi is from Sakae Sushi. It costs RM29.90 and has raw salmon, tuna, prawns and cuttlefish. The portion of the salmon and tuna is huge and I have difficulties finish them up. I am the only one who eats raw seafoods so normally I had to gobble everything. 🙂 Luckily, Sakae Sushi is very generous and they give supplies of the pickled ginger in a little jar. So, I have a nice time walloping the pickled gingers with the fish.


This plate is from Sushi King and I must say, Sakae Sushi is more value for money. I think the one from Sushi King is RM24.90 (if I am not mistaken). No wonder, there is such a long queue at Sakae!

But if you ask me, the most value for money of all is the one I normally have at Sushi Kappo Miyasaka. It is only RM49.90 and I got this huge, long plate of sushi and sashimi, prepared by the Japanese owner himself. Not only it is pleasing to the eyes, the ingredients are much more unique too.

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  1. Sakae Sushi is much more value for money, that’s true.
    Hehehe… I also saw 5xMom with her little one, and she was busy looking at the menu… oh ya, she was wearing her favourate PINK. 😛

  2. Hi Lilian, I’m fr Singapore and there’re loads of Sakae Sushi outlets here. I must say that each and every time I walk past one, I have to hold my breath! The stink of stale, unfresh oily seafood is really gross. So, ya it’s value for money.. but I think the quality of the food isn’t too good.

  3. I’ll not choose to eat Japanese food on this two restaurant. Coz the food they serve are suck. Expensive and no fresh at all.

  4. I prefer Sakae sushi. Not particularly sushi but their chicken teppanyaki dori..err Ithink. The one with the rice. Super!

    As for the sushi, yeah, I would reckon to go for Sakae Sushi than Sushi King. It holds better. Should’ve done a Sakae vs Genki hehe…

  5. I went to Sakae Sushi last night in Queensbay. The curry katsu don is quite nice 😀

    First time I had Japanese Curry. And oh yeah the sushi there starts with RM1.90, Sushi King’s start at RM3

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