Recipe : Itek Sioh

This is related to my previous post on Itek Sioh. Now, I shall share the recipe which I learnt from Delicious Asian Food who prepared Ayam Sioh.


To get this delicious dish, here’s what I used :

1 kg duck – cut into bite size

3 tablespoons (I think about 100 gms) of coriander/ketumbar powder (easily obtain from supermarkets)

2 bulbs garlic and 2 large onions (use 400 grams shallots if you are not too lazy to peel) – blend into paste

  • Season the duck pieces with the coriander and garlic/onion paste overnight. Leave the duck in the fridge
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    500 gm baby potatoes – leave whole of cut large potatoes into huge chunks

    Dark soya sauce to colour – about 2 tablespoons

    Light soya sauce – 3 tablespoon

    Tamarind pulp (asam jawa) mixed with one large bowl of water to get the juice

    Sugar – At least 5 tablespoons (but keep tasting to see that you get a balance of sweetish-sourish flavour)

    2 large tablespoons of taucheo or preserved bean paste

    1 large piece of ginger – bruised (I used ginger because of the duck gamey smell, if you are preparing chicken, this may not be necessary)



    Heat a little oil and stir fry the ginger and preserved bean paste till fragrance

    Add the seasoned duck

    Add the rest of the ingredients and stew for several hours. I used the WMF pressure cooker and use about 30 minutes cooking time. Otherwise, you may need like 1 hr 30 mins for the duck to get tender.


    This dish tastes super delicious when kept overnight. In fact, it stores well and can be make in advance for large dinner parties or stored into smaller portions and kept well in the freezer.

    The above recipe is modified from Delicious Asian Food in combination with other families Itik/babi/ayam sioh traditional recipe. In short, you can do it anyway you like because with tamarind, the garlic/shallot and coriander powder flavourings, you can’t go very wrong. It will taste great any which way you prepare this dish.

    This will now be one of those dish that I will prepare on family gatherings. Sure to get ’em relatives drooling for more. 😛

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