Japanese snacks – Cheese Mochi and sour plum prawn crackers

Yesterday, I was held up at the dentist clinic. I spent almost two hours there as both my son and I have lots of dental works to be done. The dentist clinic is next to this shop selling Japanese stuffs. It is in Lintang Burmah, where the Kassim Mustafa Pulau Tikus branch is. I think the shop name is Shin Taima.


The lady boss recommended this cheese mochi to me and she even had it hidden behind a stacks of regular snacks because she said the product sells so well, she normally keep it for certain customers. Hehehe.


It is imported from Japan and is something like Cheezel, only tastier.

Then, I was attracted to this Calbee packaging. I normally like to eat the other type which has the orange packing. However this packaging is pink with sakuras.


Matching colour with my pink Vaio, right?

But oops, guess what flavour is it?


Sour plum. I bought it anyway because it is bloggable material. My children had finished the cheese mochi in one sitting but now, I have to finish the whole packet of sour plum flavoured prawn crackers.

It taste ok but it is rather sour though. Since it is RM5 per small packet, I am storing it in the fridge and hope to eventually finish it off one day. 😛

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