Can a food blog makes money?

I realised that I have covered almost all the things I can get my hands on to continue a food blog. However, there are still things that I can continue to fill up the pages. I admit I am not the regular enthusiastic food bloggers with plenty of tips to share. I only write what I eat, what I cook and that’s about all there is. I do not go to some culinary school and cannot teach people how to make perfect soufflé or some rich man’s wife who can eat at all the four corners of the world.

However, this food blog does make very good income for me and that’s one of my motivation. Are you curious how much I roughly make from just this blog? Well, for once, I am going to share just a little bit. I hope those who are talented in writing, with some decent photography skills and having lots of enthusiasm will see that food blogging is not just a boring ‘what I eat today’ blog but something much more rewarding.

Here’s how much I roughly make per month, in USD, estimates only:

1) Google Adsense – USD100 up to USD200

2) Text Link Ads – USD 60 up to USD120

3) Paid reviews – USD200 minimum

4) In link ads – USD40 (new program so this is just an estimate)

5) Local ads banners – RM200 to RM800

Well, if you notice, the paid reviews are very far and few in betweens and I only stick to relevant topics on this blog. I have make a commitment to keep paid posts out of this blog and only accept large payouts. If you wish to learn how to monetize your blog to make some money while you enjoy yourself sharing the cooking tips and recipes, log on to my Make$ Money$ blog for ideas. Otherwise, I also have a page on how to sign up with those ads program I mentioned.


Let’s just say that writing a food blog, sharing a genuine interest in cooking is like a plate of char koay teow. And earning those US dollars are like the big prawns on top. Hehehe, I cannot write post without a food pic, can I?

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! Although, I have Google and I have not seen a thing from them. I am glad they are working out for you though!

  2. Can a recipes blog like mine make moolah?

    I’ve not really done much with it as I’m not sure if I can make anything out of it. I am doing it just for interest and sharing my recipes with others.

  3. i wish i can make those money too…really have to study ur make money site..i am now sittin at home doing some freelance job while waiting for my 2nd maternity Jan 2008…

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