Steamed eggs


I took a bunch of pics yesterday and found these eggs awfully colourful and cute. Well, how many have seen a black egg, right? In the photo above are the black century eggs, normal chicken egg and a salted duck egg yolk. After my attempts at making perfect, silken, shiny, smooth steamed eggs or what the Cantonese called ‘sam wong tan’ or three-kings-eggs, I decided to give it one more go. A lot of readers in my other food blog, Food Haven had given me useful tips on how to achieve that perfection.


One more pic of the eggs. I use one century egg, one salted duck egg and two fresh chicken eggs with 100% water (i.e. the same quantity as the quantity of the chicken egg)

But I forgot to omit the pepper powder again and got the ugly black dots on the surface. I also added in some naruto maki for colours. My kids adore the little pink spiral fish cake ‘cos Ranma (the anime) had it with his/her ramen.


The result – Still not satisfactory. You can get the recipe over on my other food blog with lots of tips on steaming the perfect egg custard from readers.


Anyway, it still tastes nice with hot rice, tau yew bak and spinach soup.

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3 thoughts on “Steamed eggs

    Sweet Jasmine

    (July 22, 2007 - 2:29 pm)

    Hi, this one looks smoother than the previous one….I am also trying many attempts to get the perfect smooth and silky egg custard…. timing and gentle heat is to be noted….


    (July 23, 2007 - 12:12 am)

    Ok, I tell you the trick of making smooth steam egg.

    The rough steam surface is cause by water drip into the egg. Just put layer of cloth on the inner cover to prevent water drip from the cover.

    That’s it.

    p/s: If you observe those good restaurant steaming pot, you will find a layer of cloth inside the cover.

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