Sinigang discovery

I forgot how I stumbled on Umami‘s recipe for Sinigang but the description of this Filipino’s dish has been bugging me for days. I simply must have a taste of this soup! So, I just got myself almost everything required and these are :

Sinigang - Malaysian style

White radish, cili padi, tomatoes, pumpkin (actually Umami and most Filipinos use yam but I couldn’t get yam so I replace with pumpkin), long beans, kangkong and since I have lime, maybe I will add in some later.

I have seen several version of sinigang and they use beef, pork and even seafoods as the base. I have some duck parts in my fridge and used that with pork ribs.

Sinigang - Malaysian style

The most important thing to make sinigang is tamarind. In the foreground, the dark brown colour is the tamarind. I soak them in water to make tamarind juice.

This soup is a lot like my tamarind fish soup or assam fish soup. You can find the recipe for asam fish soup on my Food Haven food blog.

Sinigang - Malaysian style

I put them all into the slow cooker and tomorrow morning, I hope to be greeted with this Filipino dish for my brunch. I added in a large onion as well. So, let’s see how my Malaysian sinigang soup turns out in the next post, ok?

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