Dinner at Goh Teo Kee

Goh Teo Kee is a family chain restaurants around Penang with branches in Sungai Ara, Taman Seri Nibong and a new branch in Gurney Drive (not sure where it is though). We had eaten at the Sungai Ara branch several time and like their Teochew cum Thai dishes.


We went to Goh Teo Kee in Taman Seri Nibong yesterday for dinner because I was hankering for their orh nee. (yam paste dessert). We were the first customer as it was just 6 pm but customers soon start to pack up the place and reservations are advised because they do enjoy very brisk business. The above is the oyster in a gravy made from taucheo, ginger and red chillies. Pretty easy to cook at home but we won’t get the same kind of taste, of course.


They recommended the Teo Chew taukua which is very soft beancurd stir fried with leeks and prawns.


They have photos of their dishes on the wall so this dish looks attractive to me. I ordered the stew cabbage with chicken and mushroom. It is tasty but I am not sure how they manage to make the chicken taste like that.

If you go to Goh Teo Kee, remember to try their pork’s leg. They have two versions, i.e. stew and Thai style which is deep fried.

Overall, their foods aren’t that expensive. All the above plus a plate of orh nee and fried rice together with drinks, towels, nuts and etc costs RM53.

*Non-halal outlet*

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  1. I read that GTK is going to do a cooking demo @ !-StopMidlands through Popular Bookshop’s leaftlet but the session will be in Mandarin…

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