Cheese fondue like how the Swiss does it – Edelweiss

I have done a review on Edelweiss on my personal blog. However, response seems good towards cheese fondue so I am going to make an extra post over here. I know many read food blogs but prefer to stay away from personal blogs (heh, especially like mine). Edelweiss is not ‘just another local restaurant masking as foreign’ because the guy there was my ex-colleague and he is from Switzerland. Have you heard of OE-Design, the fine jewellery maker? Well, Urs Capol is the designer and yeah, I worked in OE-Design before. When I was 18 yrs old. LOL.


This is the signboard. The restaurant is non-halal and they serve a range of cocktails.


A free map I took from somewhere. Do you know that the little enclave around this area have lots of interesting things to see? Do go for a walk when it isn’t too hot and discover the beauty of those old temples, mosques, houses and nooks and corners. The restaurant is on Armenian Street.

Edelweiss Cafe address : 38, Armenian Street
Telephone : 04-2618935
Close on Monday,
Open Tues to Friday : 12 noon to 3.00 pm and 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm
Saturday : 12 noon to 10.00 pm
Sunday : 12 noon to 7.00 pm only

I will not repeat what I had written on my personal blog but in a gist – They serve set lunch and dinner. Price is cheap. Food unique to the Swiss’s menu. Cheese fondue is RM75+, serve with bread. Enough for 2-3 person but some people may not be used to the white wine and cheese flavours.


There are lots of knick-knacks, antiques and many unique things to see. There is this huge, giant clock that still works and chimes! Initially, I thought someone is buying beer when it chimed.


We had some cocktails, cheese fondue and one set dinner. Bill comes up to less than RM150.


So, if you want to find a place for some meats (as in pork), drinks and alcoholic coffees plus nice desserts like how mom made, go to Edelweiss. Please note their business hours above. When I was there, I forgot to insert the memory card into my camera so I was left with only 16MB in built memory. Will go back again to sample other things and take more pics. And nope, Mr. Capol doesn’t know I am a food blogger nor about this review.

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