An afternoon tea

4.30 pm. It is neither dinner nor lunch time. Yet, we were very hungry as we didn’t have our lunch yet. So, we head over to Edelweiss as two of my sons haven’t eaten there before.


Lucky they were serving set dinner at 4.30 pm! Edelweiss close at 7 pm on Sundays so we went to the right place. I will post the main meals in another post. Now, I just want to share the yummy durian and chempedak cake which Teresa Capol (the owner of the restaurant) baked. The chempedak cake is just a sample bite. Both are yummy with a dollop of cream. Only RM5.


We have the whole restaurant to ourselves due to the odd hours. Hubby at the bar asking lots of questions and checking out the coffee they offer.


My coffee with schnapps which is some alcohol. Had it on an empty and nope, not feeling woozy.


The last piece of their very popular apple cake. I didn’t get a bite but my son told me it is very delicious.

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6 thoughts on “An afternoon tea


    (August 13, 2007 - 9:41 pm)

    The food looks so yummyilious and SO sinful can die.:-)


    (August 14, 2007 - 8:49 am)

    the apple cake looks like the one i’ve made except this one they place the sliced apple on top instead of plonking halves onto the batter. yumyum.


    (August 14, 2007 - 11:00 am)

    haven’t got a chance to visit…. hmmm…..


    (August 18, 2007 - 4:54 am)

    My family and I frequent over there as well when we’re back in town… we knew the owners. My hubby like also the Ur’s Curry – a Swiss recipe..yep.. curry recipe from the her father-in-law. The coffee’s very good too from Molinari brand, Italy in the form of coffee pads. I love the Costa Rica and also the hot chocolate range this Brand carries (the range also can be found at Harveys Deli.) Also tasty is their homemade Mushroom soup…


    (August 18, 2007 - 3:31 pm)

    pixen – Tks for that tips. My hubby is looking for good expresso powder and he can’t find it in Penang.

    cindy – Do try it. Kinda romantic if the restaurant is not pack. Like that movie with Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung?

    babe – I must steal your recipe and try it then.

    leah – Yeah cos the owner bakes her own cakes. Very homely and nice.


    (August 22, 2007 - 4:12 am)

    oh yea… Edelwise’s ice cream is Swiss Movenpick. My family’s favorite are Vanille & Chocolate. My hubby prefers either homemade or Movenpick compared to Haagen Dazs. Hmm.. espresso powder? I used to buy Rombouts (Belgium) or Melita (Italy) from Giant or Cold Storage but nowadays I can’t find them anymore (either none on the shelves in CS… only Decaffeinate..bluekkk) in Penang. Maybe in KL? I managed to get some refills of Rombouts when I was in Singapore.Most of times, I had my coffee or hot chocolate at Harvey’s Cafe @ Gleneagles MC when my own supply runs low 😀

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