Fattening food for skinny teens – Corned beef, egg and cheese

A couple of years ago, I used to bug my kids’ paediatrician why my kids are soooo skinny and don’t seem to grow. Every visit to his office usually means ‘same weight, same height and underweight’. He is quite the family friend and would assure me that everything is fine.


However, it is quite worrying when you see your kids being the smallest in class. He then formulate an idea for my son. At that time, I have another son who was staying long term in the hospital and hence, my children and I meet him every day. He told my son to jot down his meals and all the things he ate for a week.


He connects well with the kids and they went through the meals and there is really nothing wrong with what I fed my kids. Phew…I did feel pressured having my kid conspire with the doctor on what I produced in my kitchen. Until today, I still have two skinny kids with their ribs protruding from their chests. It is good, really.


It means I can make these awfully sinful stuffs like corned beef, hard boiled eggs and cheese open toast.


Amongst the things Dr. HK Cheang (of Lam Wah Ee Hospital) told me are to have free hand at giving them whatever they wish to eat. Usually, they love cheese, lots of it. I have slabs of mozarella and cheddar which I store in the freezer. They will grate some on breads and microwave to make cheese melts.


Mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise are some of the stuffs that remain permanent things on the dining table. Slather the bread generously with them and pop the bread into 220 deg celcius hot oven.


What you get is a crispy on the outside and tasty, yummy toast. I bought the Hormel brand of corned beef and found it much less salty than the other brands.

Preparing foods for them are like the army mess of making meals. I just need to bring out everything, slap, slather and dump to cook.

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  1. cindy – I was a skinny kid but didn’t have so much food to pig on.

    sooi2 – Well, I really hope so.

    nicole – Never mind lor, eat little bit here and there.

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