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I read about Ryoma from Erina of Cooking Island‘s blog at SembangNTalk. So, I decided to head over to Ryoma to give it a try.

We arrived early and were probably the first customers. All my kids were there which means 6 pax of us. They gave us a nice private room, sitting on whachallit tatami mat on the floor? As it was a private room, we took a lot of photos of the place, the surroundings and of ourselves. In fact, it was one of those nice family dinner where we went totally crazy and no one cares because it is a private room.


I cannot go to Japanese restaurant without eating sushi or sashimi. So, I ordered the above. RM40. I wanted to order sashimi but the portion is rather large and it costs RM150 (too expensive for me ler). I also wanted to try the Japanese steamboat, suki but no one wants to share with me. All my kids and hubby hate steamboat. I love the fun of cooking but since the portion is for two, I don’t get to eat.


The cold soba (or is that ramen? wateva) comes in three different colours. Not like the soba I had in Jurin which comes with raw egg and lots of seaweed. RM18

The menu in Ryoma is really extensive. They have almost all the popular items. This is the baked cheese oysters. Yummy. RM38.


The bento set are all worth eating because the set is really huge and all the items are tasty as well. The below is the child size bento which can fed both hubby and kid.


All together the bill comes up to RM230 and I think it is rather reasonable considering that we ordered several things as there were six of us there. Besides the above, my son had another bigger bento, another son had ramen and I cannot recall what else. They provided hot towels and appetisers plus dessert. What I like is they don’t charge us for those items as they are probably added into the menu’s price. This is so much better than iDragon that charged RM1 per plastic disposal hanky, RM5 for tidbits and etc.

Ryoma has a website here. And yeah, service is good too. By the time we finished our dinner and got out of the room, the whole restaurant was already packed.

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3 thoughts on “Japanese Restaurant review – RYOMA

    Erina Law

    (August 20, 2007 - 11:48 am)

    Aiyoh!!! You no try the fried fish head meh? Very yummy too. Guess this is the best japanese food restaurant in town liau, agree boh?


    (August 20, 2007 - 3:09 pm)

    It’s so expensive. I rather go to Shogun or Saisaki for japanese buffet


    (August 24, 2007 - 11:36 am)

    oooh i’ve been wanting to go to ryoma since it first opened but heard that it was expensive.
    but the food must be good cos its always always packed! will definitely visit this place soon!

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