Recipe : Coconut and raisins butter cake.


One of the most frequently asked question related to baking cake is – How do I prevent fruits and nuts from sinking to the bottom of the cake? The experts will tell you that you can prevent it by coating the raisins or mixed, dried fruits with some flour.

However, I think it is hard to let raisins stay well dispersed throughout the cake unless you are baking a very rich fruit cake which is chockful of fruits and nuts. Otherwise, you need to make a thicker batter which will cause your cake to be too hard and dry.

I baked a butter cake today because the kids are on holidays and they are hungry all the time. I made a batch of cupcakes with nutella which disappeared before I could take photos. I used half the batter to make a raisin and coconut cake because I love the combination of raisin and coconut like those found in Kjeldsen’s Danish butter cookies.

What I used:

225 gms butter (why oh why do they make butters in 225 and 250 grams?)

200 grams castor sugar

250 grams self-raising flour

4 eggs

tiny handful of raisins, rubbed with self-raising flour

3 tablespoons of dessicated coconut (dried coconuts flakes)

4 tablespoons of milk

Method :

Cream sugar and butter till pale and fluffy. Alternately, add eggs and flour. The reason I alternate is to avoid eggs the mixture with the butter/sugar to seperate. It looks unsightly and the cake texture tend to be rough. So, I add egg/flour/egg/flour so that I get a nice mixture and a smoother texture. Add milk to get a smooth batter.

Add the coconut and pour into baking tin. Sprinkle the raisins on top.

Bake at 45-60 mins at 180 deg. celcius.


The raisins still sunk to the bottom of the cake but still, the cake tastes absolutely delicious. If you have never combined raisins and coconut, try it!

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  1. Hi, you mentioned about your cupcakes with nutella. Can you give me the recipe please? I tried your buttercake recipe without the cempedak and it turned out quite nice. Thanks!

  2. Your Butter Cake Recipe is sooo versatile. Does the fruit sink as well in your chempedak cake? I tried to look at the picture. I could see that there are still chempedak pieces half way up. Kira-kira, from your recipe I already get the Idea that we can put anything in the cake like boiled yam pieces, keledek pieces, banana bits, dried fruit oso.

    yum yum yum

  3. aha, i got the answer to ur butter question!

    227g is actually:
    2 sticks of butter = 8 ounces of butter = 1/2pound of butter

    it’s just a convenient figure for anyone who’s using measurements in those units.

  4. lilian, i usually drop in my floured raisins just before baking instead of mixing into the batter. they’ll still sink but some will sink slower hahaha try and let me know if it works for you.

    btw, just a reminder that the submission for the Merdeka Open House is one day away! i see yr fried chicken and petai post is good enough to be one 😉

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