Colourful petai and fried chicken

The other day, I have half a cucumber left after making the sweet and sour dish. So, I pickled the cucumber and carrot with some white vinegar and sugar to get the crunch. Then, I use some pre-made sambal paste and stir fry petai, cucumber, carrot, onion and red chillies.


The dish not only turned out very colourful, it is very appetising and tasty too.

On the same evening, I also made Malay fried chicken. It is actually chicken seasoned with fennel and tumeric powder and deep fried.


My little boy loves fried chicken drumstick and often ask for it. So, what better way than to offer homemade fried chicken. Do you know that tumeric has a lot of health benefits? Moreover, the homemade fried chicken is much healthier than those sold by the stalls which are normally fried with scary, black coloured oil. Oil turned black when heated too long and researchers found that these may cause cancer.


My tumeric fried chicken is a family favourite and I do encourage you to try frying chicken this way. It is absolutely delicious and much nicer than most mamak stalls. You can find the recipe in the links provided as I have two versions.

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  1. Wah, lau nua already.

    Can’t wait to taste all the lovely food you’ve been writing about here and on PenangFaces (I’m coming back to Penang in 2 weeks).

    Do you have a Top 10 must-eat Penang food? I’d like my hubby to taste proper, authentic and delicious Penang food.

    Thanks. 🙂

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