The basic joy of cooking

I just recalled the time when I just stopped working back in 1998. At that time, my eldest son was around 8-9 years old and we stayed in Sungai Ara which is rather far from his primary school. Each afternoon, I derived so much joy preparing his lunch and drove to pick him up with my two other sons, one of whom was just a baby. Sometimes, I would pack the simple lunches like sandwiches and brought along so that he got to eat while in the car. At other times, when he had co-curriculum activities, we would drop the lunch and we would go shopping until he finished.


I think at the core of it, is how much love I put into making things they enjoyed. Sometimes, it is not what I prepared as even home-delivery McDonald’s make us happy and satiated too. It is the sight of them eating and nourishing themselves. The family unit that provides the basic warmth of a home, hot meals and laughters.


I don’t like to prepare this blackened, sweet and sticky fried chicken Chinese style but since the kids love them, it is one of those rare times when I fry it. It is a recipe handed down from my mom and it was probably the only kind of fried chicken I had as a kid when KFC and McD haven’t hit our shores. It looks black but it is due to the amount of sugar and dark soy sauce I used. Just trim off the blackened part and you get a very fragrant chicken. (recipe : Chinese five-spice grilled chicken)

I used the seasoning to make a gravy from shallots and garlic. Make a bowl of egg drop soup and the children have a delicious home-cooked meal waiting for them at home. Such are what families are made off.

I know this is a bit of an emo post because all those news on the paper made me really sad that there are so many young children committing crimes. E.g. one 14 years old was in coma because the classmate poisoned his drink with weedkiller. Another 18 years old died in the National Service camp. (my eldest son was not selected this year, phew…) Some children as young as 10 years old are into smoking and having sex. One premature had her arm amputated because of bad medical care. All these point to bad Governance. How our Government is too bended on making progress and forget that they cannot build a nation unless they have the facilities to help us built strong family units where children are nurtured with love. This is hard to achieve because parents are pressured to go out and work and chase money to stay alive.

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  1. my mom was like that too…cooking and cooking and more cooking, all in the love for the family. but come to think of it, i never really appreciated home cooked meals at that was only until when i lived on my own then i truly appreciate her 20 years of skills, effort & commitment. i see some kids nowadays and i just feel so sorry for them for not having the privilege of eating hot, healthy home cooked meals.

  2. You’re a great mum! I am sure your kids would be so proud of you:)
    My mum was also great and she has also done everything for the name of love for the family and I truly missed her now that I am staying away.She is truly my BEST friend:)

    And I truly agree with you on the recent juvenile cases or any tragedies which befell young kids which I myself blogged about(

    Have a nice day Lilian and God bless you!

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