Kid’s Kari (recipe for curry chicken for the idiots)


Many people are turned off by the mentioned of cooking curry because most recipes have those dreary process of grinding, blending, frying and etc. However, there are shortcuts and you can still get a decent one without all the sweat and tears (from the onions).

I cooked the above in less than 45 minutes. I call it Kids Kari because I cooked it for my kids who cannot stand hot, spicy dishes.

What I used :

1 can Kimball tomato soup (the cheapest tomato soup will do)
1 chicken breast cut into cubes
2 potatoes, cubed
2 large onions, cubed
a few pips of garlic, smashed
3 red chillies, cut
1 packet curry powder (meat)
some curry leaves and whatever spices (I have those mixture found in supermarkets)

Fast and quick methods.

Stir fry the onion, garlic and curry leaves with some oil. Add all the rest and simmer. Flavour with some salt and sugar. Done.

Your mom/future mother-in-law may not be impressed with the taste but hey, it is still tasty. Enough to impress the boyfriend/girlfriend, at least.

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  1. Just wondering – I use Baba’s meat curry powder and it’s a bit tasteless (ends up tasting like japanese curry but worse) – I dont know if its the curry powder – what curry powder do you use to get that malaysian red curry look and taste? Any other tips to make it authentic malaysian curry? Thanks. By the way, I love the homey-ness of your website – its not intimidating, yet the stuff u make is really authentic!

  2. darkhorse – I use Allagappa and if you add some tomato paste (i.e. those canned for making pasta sauce?), you will get very red colour. The tomato paste makes it tasty too.

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