Mizi Bistro – New World Park, Penang

New World Park now houses several restaurants beside the famous Swatow Lane hawkers. There is the familiar Old Town, 1000cc Taiwanese restaurant, Boulevard, a lok-lok restaurant, Nyonya and others. We took a walk and found Mizi Bistro with the most patrons. More patrons is an indication of better foods?


Well, it has been a while since I find chefs who prepare medium rare steaks as medium rare and not medium or well-done. We had some well-done ones in several expensive restaurants eventhough we had ordered it otherwise. I want the blood oozing to impress me. 🙂 And Mizi did make me very happy to feel the almost rare meat melting in my mouth.


I have the fillet fillet mignon which is only RM29.90. For an additional RM6, I get a soup, brewed coffee and dessert. Certainly worth the money.


Mizi Bistro has some old world charm because the two gentlemen who served us are veterans. Service is attentive but probably it is due to the endless photos I took. The manager, Mr. Low even addressed me as Mrs. Loh after introducing himself to my hubby. Hmm….no wonder they get a mention on this blog.


My son had the fettuccine carbonara and his picky taste buds loved it. It is not easy to please that son so you can take his words when he say it is good, it means good.


They are not stingy with the dessert as well. So, yeah it is a good place to have meals. Worth the money because regular set is only RM16.90. Our total bill comes up to only RM82 for three set dinners which have homecooked creamy soup, garlic breads, drinks, main meal (i.e. the pasta and my hubby’s order of fish) and dessert.

Check them out :

Mizi Bistro
New World Park, Jalan Burmah

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  1. ela – Sorry lah, I forget to check. But it is pork free, I think.

    cindy – they just open so short handed and all now.

    rayc22 – Newly open, I guess. I had it for 48 in TGIF and it was over cooked. This is much nicer.

  2. Hi Lilian,
    Were there fish/seafood items on the menu?:p
    Hehe…the place looks nice though; I have passed by a couple of times and was almost tempted to try but didn’t.
    Price seems reasonable…thanks for the review:D

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