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I was having lunch at Audees today with my family. Just as I was about to finish lunch, I received a call from Lawrence who sang in Cantonese. Lawrence, you are so comical. I thought you are Rojakz and that’s why I spoke Cantonese.

Lawrence wanted to drop these lovely cupcakes baked by his wife, Erina. Since we are so near to his shop at CookingIsland, it took him just minutes to bring them to me. Such a lovely surprise! I was just about to go out and get a birthday cake.


Nine lovely, yummy, sinfully rich chocolate cake which my kids’ taste buds told me are nutella hazelnut spread. I love those red hearts and gold balls, Erina. So romantic….

Thanks, Erina & Lawrence. Both of you made my birthday so much happier. I wish I took more pics but my kids’ hands were all over the cupcakes before I can shoot any decent pics.


See? I didn’t even have time to find a candle. BTW, those tiny multi-coloured balls were strewn by my own kid.

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BTW, all the birthday wishes are over here. Just in case, you want to eheh, wish me. I prefer to make the numbers over there. Thanks in advance anyway.

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  1. hahaha…………. ur kids are so clever. I spread it with choclate & hazelnut truffle. Nothing really fancy. Just a small gift for a great friend like you. I dare not give you candle wor otherwise it will remind you your age. hahaha *cabut*. Many happy wishes to you. You have indeed open my eyes to lots of things – blog world, about motherhood, love and many more. Thanks again.

  2. beautiful!!! apparently cup-cakes are becoming a trend in place of proper whole-cakes. easier, no need to cut. but more icing than cake.

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