Slipper lobster thermidor


Slipper lobster is the poor cousin of the real lobster. However, between a fresh and nice slipper lobster and a so-so lobster, I will opt for slipper lobster anytime because the flesh is not so tough and rubbery plus slipper lobster has sweeter taste. When I was in Thailand, we had slipper lobsters for our meals everyday because it is rather cheap there. It is good just grilled on charcoal fire.

The above is the slipper lobster thermidor I ordered from Mizi. It costs only RM30.90 and there are two lobsters there. For that price, it is really value for money.

I added RM6 and I got a robust oxtail soup with chunks of oxtail :


The RM6 also covers a drink and dessert. Eat all you can icecream. I picked green tea and sprinkle it with mixed fruits.


So head over to Mizi before they start cutting costs. Right now, regular menu plus the dessert, drink and soup only costs RM16.90.

The fish cordon bleu my hubby ordered.

I had asked Mizi and they said their restaurant is pork free but they did not apply for the halal status.

Mr. Low of Mizi has great memory. We went to dine a few nights ago and my kid left his watch at their restaurant. We were not aware of it at all. When we go the second time, Mr. Low immediately recognised us and return the watch to us. That’s why Mizi get mentioned so many times. Personalised service.

Mizi – New World Park
Opens 11 am till 12 midnight

Now, I am waiting for their bar to open. Right now, they are waiting for the licence to serve alcohol.

(in whisper mode – You know what? Give me Mizi Bistro and its unpretentious and casual ambience anytime over that place with class but lousy foods.)

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    (September 12, 2007 - 1:31 pm)

    You’ve posted this Mizi twice, I guess it must worth the value. Will try out soon!

    Thks for sharing!


    (September 13, 2007 - 12:49 pm)

    Mizi must be good to be mentioned twice in your blog within such a short period of time:D


    (September 19, 2007 - 10:18 am)

    yoohoo…I am going there this weekend to have a try…

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