Quickie pastry – Bolognese, spinach and cheese pinwheels

I got this recipe from the packaging on the Pampas frozen shortcrust pastry box. You can buy the Pampas frozen pastry from most supermarkets. The one I bought come in huge squares, I think 6″ x 6″ size.


The pastry is rolled very thinly. All I did was to slap some bolognese pasta sauce sauce from the bottle, two slices of cheddar and a handful of frozen spinach. Yeap, all of them are processed food stufs. Not healthy at all but yummy. Do I have to remind you that it is very unhealthy to eat too much of such pastries because of the large quantity of fats (usually transfat) that is used to make the layers so crispy and crunchy?


The spinach gives a very dark green so it doesn’t look too yummy but it is very delicious.


I should have used more bolognese and cheese but I was afraid of the thing turning soggy. Anyway, it is a very easy snack to prepare. Just roll up the thing and bake at 200 deg for 30 mins or until the top has a nice golden sheen. Oh ya, glaze with some beaten egg to make it looks prettier.

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