A very ‘international’ dish

I had been reading too much Jamie Oliver and got the urge to eat bacon, potatoes and eggs. So, I assembled this:


Some super expensive England new potatoes. These are tiny potatoes that cost a bomb.


Layer it with yellow zucchini from Australia and brown button mushroom from Hollands. Stir fried it with some onions from Indian and butter from New Zealand.


Top with Malaysian eggs and mozzarella cheese from Denmark.


Top it with bacon but I will continue the bacon part in Food Haven. Bake it till the dish is smelling good.

Then, I fried some butter rice with prawn bisque and raisins from California.

After all the works, my little four years old told me, “Mommy, I want normal fried rice! I don’t want your icky food! I want friend rice with egg and fish sauce (from Thailand).”

So much for going international. Oh ya, I had the meal with a bottle of wine from France. See? International.

Post Author: Lilian

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