Big, fat, juicy roast chicken

Roast chicken

I haven’t been cooking any new dishes and hence, the slowdown in the number of postings. Usually, the children eat only the few regular dishes and therefore, there is nothing new to test.

Since my little boy loves chicken rice so much, I decide it is time I roast the chicken and feed him till he has enough. He can finish a plate of the kid’s meal at Chicken Rice shop. In case you haven’t try, the kid’s meal at Chicken Rice shop is rather appetizing and tastier than most places.


It is really easy to roast chicken if you have a microwave cum convection oven. Normally, I season the chicken with whatever I get my hands on and kept the chicken in the fridge overnight.

I stuffed the cavity with lemon, garlic and onions. Squeeze some of the juice of the lemon on the chicken just before roasting. Don’t use it to season or the lemon juice will tenderise the meat too much, making it flaky.

If you get a balance of salt and sugar (or honey), the chicken will turn out tasty.

I normally use this :

5 minutes – Grill + microwave to seal the juices

30 minutes – Roast at 200 deg. celcius

5-10 minutes – Grill only

It is nice to have a whole chicken and let the kids tear it to the carcasses. LOL. If you need recipes, you can probably find them under the related links.

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