Who makes the decision in the kitchen?

The kitchen is of course my domain as I am the chief cook at home. However, I only function as the person cooking while hubby is the one who normally makes decision on the kind of eletrical appliances to buy or what kind of cookware to acquire.

For me, as long as the thing functions and provide me the features I need, it is fine. However, hubby is the fussy pot who will check the brand, manufacturer, country of origin, materials, functions and number of years of warranty. He will take a long time to find the right specifications. It is like he is buying a car!

Of course, this normally drives me up the wall because I hate shopping and I especially hate comparing prices between stores. It is a complete waste of time to me. However, to hubby, it is like the most important thing whenever we are buying something expensive. The last time when we bought a pressure cooker, he had to spend days to decide if he wants a German technology and precision or a French flair. Urggh…Don’t you think that is like so, so maddening?


Next, do you see the above set of pots and pans? To me, I will buy a complete set and get over and done with. But the fussy hubby will sometime notice that there may be flaws in one or two and he will insist to buy them separately. Given to me, I will just grab a whole set and never, ever have to shop again.

After all, I will be the one who is going to use them and not him. Sigh…So, I wonder if other women have the same frustrations as me when it comes to shopping? Do you make the decision or the hubby must use his manly evaluation instinct? I go by the looks, give me something pretty or pleasant to the eyes, I will buy it.

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2 thoughts on “Who makes the decision in the kitchen?


    (October 13, 2007 - 8:41 pm)

    I am like your husband. I take my time shopping and I would compare prices, features and quality. I have been an Overstock fan since I got married and was a new homeowner. I don’t like buying things full price.

    I like your blog.


    (October 15, 2007 - 3:38 am)

    I’m the picky one in the house. If your hubby is looking for kitchen pots..Allclad copper core is really good, and he did make a wise decision on that WMf pressure cooker!! 🙂

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