Heavy-Duty Utility Knife – Klein-Kurve®

I was actually surfing for a good cleaver but instead stumbled upon this knife which looks like a good tool for the DIY husband. When I saw heavy-duty utility knife, I thought it is a multi-purpose knife which I can use to chop up the duck and slice the vegetables. However, the Heavy-Duty Utility Knife – Klein-Kurve® is a different kind of knife, nothing to do with the kitchen but useful around the home.


It is this knife which is super sharp and extremely useful. However, do be careful with them because a few years back, a supermarket promoter was cutting a paper carton and she accidentally cut her main artery on her arm. The blood shot everywhere and none of her colleagues know what to do until my dear hubby went to the rescue.

Ish, I didn’t see at all ‘cos I fled the moment I saw the blood. But whenever I look at this knife, I will remember that accident at the supermarket. That’s why I wish to share this so that people are aware and be careful whenever they are using any sharp knife. If you get a nasty cut, grab a clean cloth and pressed hard on the wound to stop the blood.

Ok, this is not a first aid post but rather, a review of how useful a
Klein Kurve Heavy-Duty Utility Knife is. I am sure every man around the house will need them to help whenever they are doing some wiring job, plumbing works and etc.

Here are some features about the knife :

This heavy-duty utility knife features a curved handle with non-slip grip, 10-blade storage compartment inside the handle, and a plastic holster.

Other features:

-Curved handle design for comfort and ease of use.
-No tools required for quick blade change.
-Plastic holster with belt clip for convenient use.
-Retractable blade locks in 3 positions.
-Includes one heavy-duty blade and stores up to 10 blades in handle.
-Fits most standard utility blades.
-Safety overlap handle design for heavy-duty cutting.

You can purchase the knife from the link provided and they are giving away a free zipper bag with purchases of USD35 and above.

They have a video on the site if you are interested to know more.

The knife also come with very clear warning of not using it near live electric circuit and always wear eye protection when using them. The knife is a real help but also poses some risk if not handle properly. You do not want what happened to the lady at the supermarket to happen to you. Nasty cut, I tell you.

*This is a RM from http://cableorganizer.com/klein-tools/knives/klein-kurve-utility-knife.htm/?src=90017*

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