Recipe : Stir fried lala

I normally do not buy lala or any type of shellfish to cook because I hate getting those that are not fresh. I prefer to order them from eating places which are reputable. There is nothing more turn off than a plate of fried lala that smells like mud or rotting fish.

Anyway, here’s what I ordered from Teik Seng and I do know how they cook it. So, let me share the recipe as well.


Normally, you need to soak this shellfish in water for a while for them to release some of the mud and sands, if any. When buying them fresh, make sure they are still alive when they are at the market. You will know because they will open their shells for a little fresh air. LOL.

What you need for stir fried lala or siput or whatever kind of shellfishes are :

1 red chillies, cut into rings or chopped into small pieces
3 pips garlic, chopped
1 small piece of ginger, chopped
1 tablespoon of fermented soyabeans (tau cheow)
1 stalk spring onion
Sugar to taste

Heat oil, stir fry the chopped ingredients till fragrant, add the lala and give it a quick fry and season with sugar. Once their shells are all open, it means they are dead. Before that…you can almost hear them screaming in pain in the hot wok. Ok ok, I am not in the mood for writing a proper food blog tonight. So pardon the gory end to the lala.


If you are patient, try go dig for siput remis from the beaches. My mother-in-law used to sell siput remis at the market and when I was’t married, I had followed her to dig them. A packet was sold for RM2 and I think my MIL easily made RM40 on each trip. Such a nice daughter-in-law, eh?

Kedai Makanan Teik Seng is my regular stop for dinner and lunch. It is located next to Hup Loong, I think it is Leboh Carnavon, turn in from Chulia Street.

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  1. I am wondering if you have the recipe for Kam Heong lala? My family loves this dish but we still couldnt manage the taste after so many experiments..

    My mom’s Tauchu Lala is good though

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