Recipe : Stir fried beansprouts with salted fish


Salted fish and garlic makes a lot of vegetables very tasty. All you need is to cut the salted fish into tiny pieces and chopped the garlic finely. Heat oil, stir fry both until fragrance and add in your vegetables like kai lan, dou meow, beansprout or whatever quick cooking vegetables.

I made stir fry beansprout today. Normally I like to add some cut red chillies, spring onions and a bit of chopped ginger into it to make it extra tasty. Just add a few dashes of pepper and fish sauce and you get yourself a delicious plate of vegetable for under RM1. The beansprout is only 40 sen and the salted fish is probably 50 sen.

Cheap? You bet! I think it will costs you at least RM6 for a smaller plate at restaurants.

The trick is to use very hot wok and make the stir fry really quick. Otherwise, your beansprout will turn limp-y and looks gross. Serve immediately.