The colours of Pasar Tamu, Gaya Street, Sabah (re-post)

I woke up at 6 am on Sunday morning just to head over to the much talked about Pasar Tamu. It is already bright and sunny at 6 am in Sabah. On my first trip, only my hubby and I went alone because the little one was sleeping and being taken care by my eldest.

(jewelleries made from coloured stones, there are lots of them in Sabah but I dare not buy any)

I am going to load this post with lots of photos to do justice to the vibrant weekly market held at the Gaya square. They close the whole road on Sunday morning from 5 am to 1 pm so that these folks can sell their stuffs.

(colourful fans and Chinese stuffs. There aren’t many Chinese in Sabah and rarely do you see those shops selling joss-sticks and etc. Most of them are Christians and I saw an endless number of Catholic churches along the way to Kundasang)

There are two distinct flavours at the Pasar Tamu. The pasar malam type with cheap toys and the other part is the more ethnic stuffs like fresh herbs and stuffs like that. Since this post is about the colours, I will put colourful things first.

My children couldn’t resist the many flavours and colours of the candy floss made on the spot. That’s their breakfast. *roll eyes*

I love looking at these Sabahan layer cakes. They are so colourful. More over, they have so many flavours but since the names sound a bit odd like ’sweet and sour’, ‘cinnamon’, etc, I dare not buy to try. Now I regret I cannot tell you what they taste like. However, I did buy some fresh durian cream cake made by a lovely couple and it was delicious.

On my first trip, I saw these colourful dragonflies and butterflies made of feathers. I wanted to buy a few pink ones to stick them to my curtains. LOL. However, I forgot to return to the store because the guy was just opening shop.

I had my breakfast of koh loh mee and will post about that next time.

If you go to Kota Kinabalu, make sure you go to the pasar tamu. If you missed this, I heard there are other pasar tamu in the outskirts. They sell live animals and many exotic stuffs. In fact, they sell everything from live gold fishes to edible ones to live chicks and slaughtered chicken.

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