Tonnes of post but cannot post

If you visit regularly, you may note the wacky posts that appears and disappears.  Recently, I encountered some problems with some of my sites and the latest posts disappeared.  I had written a post on Beef Koay Teow but it got lost in cyberspace.

These two days, my webmaster is helping me to move to a better server.  So, to avoid missing posts and especially missing comments, I shall refrain from posting until I have moved into the new server. Please bear with me and I will be posting more foods and especially seafoods from Sabah and also some nice Italian foods  I had there.

Hope to come back soon!

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1 thought on “Tonnes of post but cannot post


    (October 26, 2007 - 1:08 am)

    Oh, what a bad experience. Hope you come back again soon..

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