Perak Road Beef Koay Teow

I went to take my spectacles yesterday from my regular optometrist, Ronald Tai in Jalan Perak. It was lunch time and I saw the coffee shop nearby doing brisk business. I am not sure of the coffeeshop name but Ronald Tai’s shop is at 56-1, Ground Floor, Jalan Perak, where the Salvation Army flea shop is. The coffee shop I went was at the corner.


I like them serving the koay teow in porcelain bowls! The koay teow is so smooth and thin, something that we can hardly find in Penang.


My way of eating beef koay teow is to pour this whole saucer of special chilly sauce into the dried koay teow to flavour it.


Notice the sauce, spoon and even the soup bowl are not those cheap melamine ware? Nice eh?


And a nice, warm bowl of beef soup comprising of beef balls, (i.e. meat turned into balls and not what you think though bull’s testicles and penis are available if you can stomach it), tendons and all the parts of the cow/bull.

Give this place a try. I like the soup because it doesn’t have the overpowering herbs taste or the strong smell of the cow. It is not easy to find good beef koay teow so this place will be my regular spot from now on.

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  1. Yup, I love this place as well. The smell of the soup is so nice. However, they raised the price already and also took out the minced beef balls from the soup 🙁

  2. i love this place! but have to be prepared to wait. i’ve never tried the dried koay teow cos i usually order the soup one…ok, will try the dried koay teow next time! 🙂

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