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Well, for a change, let’s talk about the kitchen and how it affects the home and family. To me, the kitchen is one of the most important domain and usually, if we are moving to a new house that will be the one that we renovate. In case you are not aware, Chinese fengshui places very high importance to the kitchen and there are taboos that we stick to. Eventhough I am a Christian and do not subscribe to these traditional beliefs, I still keep my tap and sink away from the fire or stove source. The reason being? When you put fire and water together, side by side, things will clash, i.e. causing strife in family relationship.

So, if you are looking for home renovation or home remodelling, then, you may want to hear about this site. I am doing a Site Reviews and wish to share some of the points and facilities provided by the site.

Find a contractor


If you are looking for someone to do the works, then, what you need to do is to register your interest. This certainly helps because it is normally not easy to find a contractor that is able to fit into our required time frame or schedule. But registering your interest, it helps the contractor to find you.

They also have a database of over 65,000 contractors and you can easily filter them by states.

Blog on home remodelling

What I like most is the blog on home renovations. Even if you have no intention of doing any home remodelling, you will find the information on the kitchen works useful. For example. what sort of kitchen top is most suitable or what’s the latest trend in kitchen design.



Finally, they also provide information on Government agencies plus where you can source for finance to help with your intended works. With e-loan, it takes three easy steps to get the loan approved, shop for the kind of renovation works you can afford and get the job done.

So, go on and discover more. Who knows you may suddenly wish to give your kitchen a new, fresh layout. After all, it is the heart of the home and what better way than to make it the cosiest place?

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