Video : Candy floss machine, Pasar Tamu, Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I have a video of my homemade char koay teow but unfortunately the length was too long to be uploaded to YouTube. When I find time to edit, I will put up the video and immediately making char koay teow into kid’s play.

Meantime, here is the video of the candy floss maker in Pasar Tamu. To my little boy, it is very amazing to see those sugar candy forming from out of nowhere.

This vendor has so many flavors of the candy floss and all of them are so colourful. Taste wise, urgggh…it is too sweet. However, at the pasar tamu, they have another type of candy floss which is brown in colour and the man told me it is made by pulling the sugar. I am not sure what it is call though as I couldn’t get the slang.

Post Author: Lilian

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