They don’t only bake breads in Sabah

I think all West Malaysians who went to East Malaysia probably took a photo of this :


The vending machine from Gardenia that dispense root beer, coke, icre-cream soda and etc is like a tourist attraction to us because over on this side of the country, we only associate Gardenia with the daily bread we have. So, when we saw this, we went “LOOK! Gardenia’s fizzy drink! Let’s buy one flavour each and try!”

Doh! Suakoo, right? (country bumpkin)

Gardenia….so good you can eat it on it’s own. Now, you can drink too.

I wonder why they never venture over here? Oh ya, did I also mentioned that every thing in East Malaysia is more expensive? Even McDonald costs an extra ringgit there and the sundae costs 50 sen extra.

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